Not your regular "elevator music"

When people mention the word chillout music, most would assume that they would be hearing tracks that mimic those which are found in usual chillout albums like the Cafe Del Mar series.

But for those who have a deeper understanding of this music genre, chillout or afterhours music in general can practically be anything. If listening to Pantera relaxes you at the end of the day, then that's your "chillout" music. In short, it's how the music makes you feel and not how it sounds.

This 53 minute afterhours set revolves around a less patronized sub genre of electronic music. Before, it was called blips, glitch, folktronica, but the term that stuck was IDM or Intelligent Dance Music. Though the name sounds a tad snobbish, don't pay much attention to it. After all, it is still just music.....

To fully appreciate the tracks on this set, I suggest you listen to it with a good headphone and with eyes closed..... Cheers! ^_^

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